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Tumblr Season 5.2 Episode Guide

Episode 5.2.1: The One With Support For iPad Pro
Chandler wows a pretty new co-worker with his iPad Pro. Monica loses the keys to her apartment, but finds the key to a successful relationship. Joey blows another audition. Phoebe meets a homeless man with a secret (John F. Kennedy Jr.). Central Perk burns down.

Episode 5.2.2: The One Where They Kill the Bugs
After being invaded by roaches, Chandler and Joey accidentally start dating the same exterminator (Jennifer Love-Hewitt). Ross and Rachel can't agree on which movie to rent. Monica meets a hunky dog walker, but is he all bark and no bite?

Episode 5.2.3: The One With They Smooth Out the Animation
It's a race against the clock as Phoebe rescues Ross and Rachel from a gun-toting Joey. Chandler gets his tie stuck in a copy machine. Monica meets a hunky genie, but are his sweet nothings just hot air?

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