Latest release 7.4.1 , updated 2 years 10 months ago
We listened to your feedback about the new Mod and Admin icons and are giving you back the original style!
We’ve shifted the ‘Send’ button over to the right hand side for Arabic users on iOS 9 (AR only)

A number of bug fixes including:
- Level 12+ users’ static stars now spin again when returning to the app from background!
- Capital letters now searchable in Russian
- Admin action panel only opens once. And once is probably enough!
About Palringo - Group messenger: chat, share and play games with like-minded people
Find your world on Palringo. Connect with people all over the world who love the things you love. With over 350,000 different social groups, you can meet new people who share your interests - be they games, films, football, tv, or anything else - chat one-on-one or in groups and play games with your community.


Some people follow, some people lead. Create your own Palringo Group to chat, make friends, and build a community.


Games are best played with others. We have some interesting announcements coming soon. Watch this space.


* GROUP CHAT: Chat and share pictures with your friends and groups
* VOICE MESSAGING: Palringo’s VM service lets you record and send audio clips
* ADD-ONS: Liven up your groups with Bots and Message Packs. Send a personal note bursting with hearts to the one you love, create your own memes or set the mischief bot loose in your group!
* SHARE: We value your privacy and won’t ask for lengthy, unnecessary details. Share only the information you want others to see.

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