Latest release 1.7 , updated 4 years 1 month ago
iOS 8 compatible.
Updated interface and art.
Updated libraries.
About Mirror Free
Mirror Free uses your front facing camera to give you the feel of a real mirror.
Tap the screen to pause the image, zoom in and out of your reflection to make sure you are looking your best!
Want to share the perfect shot, go for it, share it on Facebook, Twitter, Messages, or just save it to your photo album!

YES! This is the correct "mirroring" application that you've read about in The Wall Street Journal, Yahoo Finance, St. Petersburg Times, Tampa Tribune, etc.

10 Million Downloads....

The Wall Street Journal:

Yahoo Finance:

Sometimes you just need a free mirror. Maybe you want to make sure you hair is lookin' good, or you want to make sure there is no spinach in your teeth. Whatever the reason, Mirror Free is here to help you!

Then, look into the phone and "see" your reflection in the black background! It's that simple! Have fun with your friends, ask your kids if they can see themselves, etc.

Note: Requires camera on device to be able to use the camera features on the application.

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Mirror Free

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