Latest release 1.08 , updated 6 years 2 months ago
★★★ NEW (1.8) ★★★
- Foursqaure integration!!
-iOS6 optimized
-iPhone 5 Compatible
- Adjustments to some sizing and placement of images.
- A few improvement enhancements


★★★ 1.6 ★★★
- LinkedIn integration!!!
- Facebook Pages
- New HUDLD search allows you to search people and keywords over all 3 major social networks.
- More robust options to share content over your networks.
- Navigation changes to a new "side menu" for all of your main options to manage your accounts and services.
- Added an RSS feed section. Prepackaged with feeds from various topics. Also add and remove feeds of your choice.
- Optimized performance.
- A reformat of the ads system to be less intrusive.
- Fixed in app purchase to remove ads.

- Facebook Chat
- Reworking / optimizing messages sections
- Text size adjustments
- Further optimization
- Profile pages will support cover photos for Facebook.
- G+ ... ;)
About Hudld - Facebook and Twitter social networking app
★★-TOP 10 Social app in 25 countries-★★
★★-TOP 100 App Overall in 26 countries-★★

★If you use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Foursquare this is the ONE AND ONLY App for you!★

Are you tired of jumping from one social networking site to another, several times each day to catch up on your social life? While you are on one site, the world is passing you by on the other three! Now you can end that forever!

Download Hudld right now and see how fast your life will change! Hudld combines ALL of your top social networks into one amazingly beautiful App. See the real timeline from ALL of your networks combined into one easy to read, and fun to use timeline. Never guess again what is happening on another social site... it's all in your hand with Hudld.

Even if you are using another social aggregator, Hudld is ahead of even the top Apps. Check our feedback results and try it yourself. Your content will be faster, brighter, more colorful and easier to use than anything else available. Our new technology just released makes this all possible. In fact, the more you use Hudld, the faster it gets (its our "special cache technology")! Really! Wow, RSS feeds too, and maps! Amazing. Try it yourself now!

★★Facebook Features:★★
★View your feed
★Fully featured profiles pages
★View, respond and send direct messages
★View likes and comments
★Like / unlike posts and comments
★Comment or delete a comment
★Native photo, video, and web views
★Upload photos
★@name support
★Albums, galleries, and single images
★Friend lists
★Up to 30 Facebook accounts can be added.
★Requests / notifications

★★Twitter Features:★★
★View your feed
★Full profiles
★Add up to 30 Twitter accounts
★@ name and # tags supported
★View, respond and send direct messages
★Photo upload
★Follow and unfollow
★View replies (conversations)
★Trending topics

★★LinkedIn Features:★★
★View your feed
★Fully featured profiles pages
★View likes and comments
★Like / unlike posts and comments
★Comment or delete a comment or post
★Browse your connections / make new ones
★Browse / manage your groups
★Add up to 30 accounts

★View Places
★Keep up with Friends
★Earn and check your Badges
★Full Places and User profiles


★★User Privacy:★★
Hudld puts its users in complete control of their data, and does not share nor collect any of the users information what so ever. There is no sign in required or email addresses to give out. Users simply add the accounts they would like to use to the application via secure SSL Oauth channels managed by Facebook and Twitter, and at no time does the application see or store that private login data. No auto posts, advertisements, spam, invites, follows, nor anything of the like is employed by Hudld. We do not know what your doing, who you are, where you are, or who your friends are. We do not track the users activities and never at any time store or transmit ANY private or identifiable information in any context.

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