Latest release 3.1 , updated 8 years 5 days ago
Important bug fix. The social tab does not work if profile tab is not clicked before visiting the social tab. This update fixes the bug.
About Bible Trivia with Social Networking and Chat
Bible Trivia World is a unique platform where not only you can test your Bible knowledge but discuss with other readers about the Bible and religion and social network with them.

Bible Trivia Quiz brings to you a wide collection of questions to test and improve your knowledge of the Bible. Spread across around 12 categories, this app has around 800 interesting questions. A part of the app is free and the rest is under in-app purchasing.

SOCIAL NETWORKING: Now you can make friends, discuss, chat and post verses using the social networking feature.

Just to add that extra fun into this interesting and informational experience:

* Multi-choice questions.
* 50-50 to narrow down our options.
* DISCUSS questions and answers with the rest of the world.
* Fun sounds for correct or wrong answers
* Turn sound off or on.

We hope that this app provides you hours and hours of fun and informational family time.

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Bible Trivia with Social Network...

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